Emporia is one of the largest shopping centers in Scandinavia and is situated in the southern part of Sweden, in the city of Malmö. Emporia is owned by Steen & Ström / Kleppiere and was opened in 2012. The shopping center is 93 000 m3 and have approximately 200 stores. 

Emporia has won the price for best shopping center in the World Architecture Festival 2013.


The result has been over our expectations. The first weekend during launch our app trended on Appstore and we got more then 2500 new members during two days. The member development has continued to raise and we have more then 11 000 members in the Myplays program.

The activity level is high, the average scanning of purchase is 5 times per member and more than 1000 rewards has be handed out to loyal customers. During Black Friday several members collected more then 5 rewards due to the combination of completed challenges.

Opening rates in our member communication is over 60 % with only 1 % unsubscribe rate


The only loyalty concept nominated in the 2018 ICSC Solal Awards.


The MYPLAYS concept is now also implemented in these steen & ström/ klepierre shopping centers.