A vibrant city centre and thriving commerce with Cityplay from Goloyal

Giving residents the opportunity to be loyal to their local shopping area - that is the concept of Goloyal’s new service, Cityplay.
With Cityplay, the city centre retailers can reward loyal customers, create playful challenges and communicate events in a unique and easy-to-navigate newsfeed.
Goloyal has worked for more than ten years with the development of different loyalty concepts in the retail sector. They are now launching a bespoke service for local traders in city centres around Sweden. Through the Cityplay app, the local retail partners are given the opportunity to establish unique loyalty ties with the residents of the city.

“- The trend of offering big discounts and attracting new customers with constant special offers eat into profit margins and creates disloyal customers. This is especially true of city centre trade. We want to turn this development around and give stores and other local traders the chance to reward regular customers and loyal guests. Through the Cityplay app, it's easy to market locally and build innovative solutions for a vibrant city centre and create the habit of shopping locally,”
says Robert J Westerbom, founder of Goloyal.

When Cityplay is launched across Swedish cities in October, one of the features is the stamp-card principle. Retailers can choose how they want to strengthen their customer relations, from offering the sixth cup of coffee for free, to complex partnerships with other traders. Using their mobile phone, customers scan a QR code at the checkout to participate. No other equipment is required.


Due to a unique newsfeed within the app, all retailers can share information about events, offers and other activities. This makes Cityplay the obvious choice as a source of information to anyone visiting the city. “- As all connected cities use the same system, users only need to download Cityplay once. They can then easily change city in the app depending on where they are. Cityplay becomes an easy way to find out about local offers and activities, both for residents and tourists "says Robert J Westerbom.


Cityplay also offers a navigation service for easy access to the different offers and events. “- Cityplay is not just about making more people shop locally. It is also about increasing activity in the city centre and enabling residents, commerce and others to contribute to a vibrant and attractive centre, "says Robert J Westerbom.